What Do Silverfish Look Like?

What do silverfish look like? When silverfish bugs invade a home the residents may not know exactly what they are. Many people are confused and may actually mistake the silverfish bug for some other pesky insect.
This article will will answer the question”what do silverfish look like” and point you towards ways to get rid of silverfish bugs. When silverfish bugs invade a home they may be mistaken for earwigs,firebrats,centipedes, cockroaches and various other insects. Because there are all kinds of insects that may invade y0ur home it is important to know what do silverfish look. When you know the answer to the question “What do silverfish look like like” you are in a better position to get rid of them.

silverfish bug


Silverfish have flat bodies so that they can easily hide in wallboard,under rugs, and in cracks around your house. They have silvery light grey bodies and  their size can range from one half inch  –  one inch in length.
What Do Silverfish Look Like? – What Else To Look For

Silverfish bugs do not have wings and therefore cannot fly. Silverfish insects have three appendages on the end of their body with one facing straight back and the others pointing left and right.

Unlike other species in their group silverfish have two compound eyes which are used to identify light and movement.

If you have them in your home you already know what a nuisance they can be. Silverfish bugs can ruin  clothing,destroy books and photos, eat holes in your wall paper, and many other types of destruction.

There are steps that you can take to get rid of silverfish. Silverfish elimination includes steps to kill silverfish,silverfish traps, and making your home  a place where silverfish do not wish to live.

What do silverfish Look like? – Other Insects that are often mistaken for silverfish bugs include Firebrats

Although smaller firebrats are similar to silverfish bugs in appearance and habits. They range in size from one quarter inch – three quarters of an inch. Firebrats like areas that are a little hotter than  silverfish and are often found indoors close to furnaces,dishwashers,ovens and other areas that are  hot.

firebrat bug

A springtail with a tale to tell...

Firebrats similar to silverfish bugs  prefer foods that are high in carbohydrates and pose the same threats to home contents as the silverfish bug. Getting rid of firebrats require the same steps as getting rid of silverfish insects.

You have the choices of eliminating these insects without dangerous chemicals or you can choose to go the insecticide route. For information on killing silverfish naturally without chemicals you might want to check out this Silverfish Control Guide.

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