Do Silverfish Eat Clothes? Stop Silverfish

                                  Do Silverfish Eat Clothes? Stop Silverfish

Do silverfish eat clothes? If you are wondering what do silverfish eat the answers is they will eat many of the things found in your house. Yes! silverfish eat clothes. Your clothes could be in danger if you have a silverfish infestation. Do silverfish eat clothes is a common question.

Do silverfish eat clothes? – How Does Silverfish Damage Look?

What do silverfish eat? They eat high starch and carbohydrate items. When silverfish eat clothes they leave small holes. Silverfish also leave yellowish stains on fabric. Silverfish eat clothing because  certain  fabrics contain starch,cellulose,and protein.  Luckily there are steps you can take to get rid of silverfish bugs.

What Do Silverfish Eat?

Do silverfish eat clothes? Silverfish eat certain clothes containing rayon, cotton, silk and linen. Silverfish have been known to eat leather and fur as well. The silverfish bug is one of the insects that have the ability to digest cellulose contained in certain fabric.

Do silverfish eat clothes that are freshly cleaned? You may be interested to know that starched clothing may be a silverfish target. Starched clothing is an attractive food source for silverfish because it contains carbohydrates. If you have a silverfish infestation you may also find silverfish damage to clothes with spills or stains on them.

Clothing stained with spills containing carbohydrates or sugars are a silverfish food source. Silverfish prefer a carbohydrate rich diet including sugar and starches. Silverfish damage comes mostly from eating holes in clothes, destroying books, and photographs.

What Do Silverfish Eat?

Following is a list of items that are on the silverfish bug diet:

  • glue
  • book bindings
  •  dandruff
  • tapestries
  • cereal
  • flour
  • paints
  • paper
  • photos
  • carpet
  • sugar
  • mildew and mold
  • coffee
  • hair
  • clothing
  • dead insects

In addition to laying their eggs in food stuffs silverfish lay eggs in cracks and crevices of your home.

How To Stop Silverfish Damage To Clothes?

Stopping silverfish damage to clothes requires some basic steps for protecting clothing and taking steps to completely eliminate silverfish from your home.

  • Keeping starched items in an airtight container
  • Professionally storing expensive clothing such as furs and leather
  • If you have a silverfish infestation using no starch on clothing may be helpful if possible.
  • Placing silverfish traps in closets.
  • Taking steps for silverfish elimination in your entire home – This would include using silverfish bait and silverfish killing items
  • Cleaning house and removing food sources found in dust and paper products. Frequent vacuuming
  • Removing any debris, cardboard boxes and old newspapers.
  • Eliminating access to food sources.
  • Lowering humidity in home and closets – silverfish prefer high a humidity environment
  • Using insecticides to kill silverfish

Take Steps To Protect Your Clothing -What Do Silverfish Eat

Silverfish bugs damage to clothing can be a serious matter. If silverfish bugs are causing damage to your clothing they are probably damaging other contents as well. Taking steps to remove silverfish is the best solution. Removal helps avoid silverfish damage to clothing and other items in your house.